The Scandinavian Society for Atherosclerosis Research


§1. The aim of the Society is to promote atherosclerosis research with special emphasis on Scandinavian as well as international collaboration. The Society shall be called: Scandinavian Society for Atherosclerosis Research (Skandinavisk Förening för Atero­sklerosforskning).

§2. Members of the Society should be either actively engaged in or have an interest in this area of research.

§3. The Society is one of the constituent societies of the International Atherosclerosis Society. Accordingly, members of the Scandinavian Society for Atherosclerosis Research will automatically be members of the International Atherosclerosis Society.

§4. The council of the Society shall consist of two members from each Scandinavian country viz. Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Denmark. Members shall be elected for a period of four years. Ideally, the period served by one member should overlap by two years the period served by the second member. Members may be re-elected. Council representatives for each member country shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) from nominations made by members of Council from each member country or from ordinary members from that country. A general aim shall be to nominate members from all age groups with the broadest possible professional scientific expertise.

§5. The council shall elect a Chairman, Vice-chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. Each officer shall be elected for a period of four years but may only be re-elected once.

§6. In addition to the Council Chairman, at least one Council member from three member countries must be present at a Council meeting to constitute a quorum. If a member country is not represented at a Council meeting, the decisions taken at that meeting must be approved by the absent Council members in order to be valid. A simple majority vote shall be decisive in the Council. In case of an equal number of votes the Chairman will have a second and casting vote.

§7. The object of the Council shall be to arrange an annual conference on atherosclerosis research. The location and practical organisation of the conference shall be decided at the AGM. The Council as a whole shall be responsible for the scientific programme of the conference.

§8. The AGM shall take place at the annual conference of the Society. The AGM should be arranged at a time which allows the largest possible attendance of members.

§9. The agenda for the AGM shall include the following standing items:

1) Election of chairman for the AGM
2)Election of a minute secretary
3)Council Chairman's Report
4)Auditors' Report
5)Treasurer's Report
6)Membership fee
7)Election of Council Members
8) Election of two auditors
9) Future meetings
10) AOB (any other business)

When the auditors' report has been approved, the Treasurer shall be discharged from any further personal responsibility. Items submitted to the AGM must be discussed, and wherever possible decisions made on issues raised. Items for the agenda must be submitted to the Chairman or Secretary of the Society at least two months before the AGM. Decisions cannot be made at the AGM on items that are not on the published agenda.

§10. The agenda for the AGM, statement of account, and balance sheet shall be distributed to the members of the Society at the beginning of the annual conference, before the AGM during that conference.

§11. The AGM constitutes of a quorum if it is summoned in accordance with these by-laws. A simple majority vote shall be decisive in all items put to a vote. In case of an equal number of votes, the Council Chairman will have a second and casting vote.

§12. Changes of the by-laws of the Society can only be carried out by a decision of the AGM. Any proposal for changes to the by-laws must be sent to the Chairman or Secretary of the Council at least 3 months before the AGM. Any proposed changes must be distributed to all Members of the Council and discussed at a Council Meeting before the next AGM.

§13. The Treasurer, in the name of, and on behalf of the Society, shall be signatory to all accounts held by the Society. The running costs of the Society shall be covered by the annual membership fee, the size of which shall be decided at the AGM. However, the Society can receive donations from private, public or corporate funds. The society's accounts ad balance sheet shall be audited by two auditors elected at the AGM. Nominations for auditors shall be submitted by the Council.

§14. The Society can be dissolved at the AGM. However this has to be put on the agenda and sent to all members at least one month before the AGM. To dissolve the Society, at least two thirds of all members have to vote for dissolution. If two thirds of the membership are not present at the AGM, a decision shall be taken by means of a postal ballot. In these circumstances a simple majority vote in favour of dissolving the Society will be decisive. The final AGM will decide how to disperse the Society's assets according to the aim as stated in §1.